Let’s Be Gay In Virginia

The Republican party is constantly concerned about wars that are being waged by President Obama against jobs or the rights of bigots or the war to get illegal immigrants citizenship,but for many members of the party, the real war is over the right to end discrimination against gays and lesbians. In 2006, the voters of Virginia voted to make illegal the right of gay marriage. It was an example of democracy in action, of course, in this case those in favor of “democracy” were the ones who wanted to forbid democracy for the minority. Of course, the state of Virginia for decades had decided it was illegal for people of different colored skin to marry one another. In the eyes of white Virginians, this was a fundamental issue since the “mixing of races” would lead, inevitably to “mongrelization” of the human(white) race.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen struck down the Virginia law that forbids gays and lesbians to marry one another. I assume for folk like Ted Cruz this is simply another example of “mixing of the races” and the result will be some form of mongrelization of the human race. Now, if we can vote Ted into the office of president, then we(white folk, that is who are man and woman) can sleep peacefully knowing that our grand kids will have a male dad and a female mom.