Let’s Beat Up Kids!

As all know the great state of Texas is regarded as home to God fearing, gun toting men who can kill an undefended deer and follow up with a few beers. They so love punishing those who can not fight back. The School Board of Springtown, Texas, has issued a new directive which allows male teachers to administer corporal punishment to girls. Unfortunately, there are not enough female teachers in the district who enjoy pounding away at the bottoms of girls.

Oh, parents have to give the OK, and a female must be present to watch the beating. I wonder if the School Board might consider allowing male teachers to spank girls and charge men to watch the event. Or, the School Board could raise  money by allowing anyone willing to pay a few hundred bucks to slap girls on their bottom.

On the other hand, how about the girls giving a paddling to men? Lots of money for the schools are waiting for this one!