It is clear the Growling Republican Party is out to get the president and they will stop at nothing to blame him for all ills in the world. We recently came into possession of a missive from a senior Growler concerning future attacks on “that man in the White House.” The Obama man can expect these issues will be raised with the public,

The New York Football Giants do not have an outstanding wide receiver but Chicago has one.

Lack of any good films this summer. Is this a coincidence? Or is it related to electing “that man?”

Why if Lou Dobbs comes across a fact it only is allowed to linger in his mind for a micro-second.

Swine flu epidemic. Come on, there was no swine flu epidemic when George Bush was president!

The Chicago Cubs have not won a world series in nearly a hundred years. And, Barack Obama used to live in Chicago!

Osama bin Laden has yet to be captured dead or alive.

The inability of Rush Limbaugh to lose weight. Oppose Barack Obama and you will gain weight.

Why there are enough empty stores to fill a small sized city.

Why over one thousand veterans of WWI die each day.

Why a member of your family or a friend is gay or lesbian.

Why milk no longer costs a nickel a bottle as it did in my America before the arrival of Barack Obama and his Socialist crew.