Let’s Blame Bradley!

Since day one of the arrest of Bradley Manning the Obama Administration has claimed that release of the famous Wikileaks resulted in the deaths of American soldiers in combat. That has been the mantra-Private Manning did not care about the lives of his fellow soldiers and informed terrorist forces of where and how they could kill Americans. General Robert Carr was placed in charge of investigating the Wikileaks in order to uncover evidence that Manning was an infamous traitor. He headed the Information Review Task Force and was charged with obtaining proof of these deaths. He appeared before the court of Judge Lind and presented evidence that he has obtained. He informed the judge that his Task Force was unable to find any examples of how the Wikileak release of data led to deaths of Americans. “I don’t have a specific example.”

He did uncover a claim that an Afghan individual was killed by the Taliban who claimed they obtained his name from Wikileaks. After a thorough search by the Task Force, he concluded “the name of this individual “was not in the disclosures.” In other words, Bradley Manning, the infamous”traitor” did NOT cause the death of anyone. However, he did disclose how American soldiers killed innocent people. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!