Let’s Build A Wall!

Members of the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association want to construct a huge high fence along the border with Mexico in  order to keep out those hordes of Christians from pouring into this nation. Mitt insists if elected to build the highest fence known to the human race in order to prevent drugs or drug lords or illegal immigrants from entering and taking jobs away from decent Americans whom want to pick peaches and lettuce.

The Border Patrol has know uncovered at least 156 tunnels under our border, and some of these are sophisticated constructions. Just about every week another tunnel is found. These damn drug lords don’t understand that a high fence is going to appear in their lives. Of course, any drug lord could secure material that would allow a person to vault over the fence. In the mean time, they are simply going under the fence.

Build a fence and provide jobs for American workers–those who do not wish to pick strawberries.