Let’s Defrock Republicans!

A story out of Thailand reports growing evidence of improper behavior on the part of Buddhist monks. A new National Hotline will allow any person to report activities on the part of monks that are not exactly kosher. In May, five monks were defrocked for sexual abuse of young boys. You know, the sort of thing that Does occur in the Christian or Jewish religions. How about:

1. A National Hotline in America to report gun nut cases who wander around with loaded weapons?

2. A National Hotline that leads to the defrocking of any Republican who dares to work with a Democrat. Double defrock, if they work with LIBERALS!

3. A National Hotline that reports every penny spent by the Koch Brothers to gain victory in elections with their money?

4. A National Hotline that reports each teary statement by John Boehner?

5. A National Hotline which keeps the American people informed, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days of week, about anything anyone found out about the truth at Benghazi!