Let’s Do A Little Cutting

A sixteen year old girl in the city of Sasebi, Japan, decided something was lacking in her life. For some girls, there is a lack of social life or communication with mom an dad is not the best, but for this girl, the problem was clear. She had yet, although already the age of sixteen, had never had an opportunity to dissect another human. OK, some lack food, some lack access to education, and many lack access to a good job, but certainly, just about every person on this planet has access to murdering someone. Just check the local headlines in your paper or the ever ready iPad. As the young lady put it, “I just wanted to kill someone. I bought the tools”

Imagine the typical teen in our modern society. Planes are blasting thousands in the Middle East. Putin is dissecting the nation of Ukraine. Boko Haram is running wild in Nigeria murdering everyone in sight because this stupid people want to go to school! So, one can understand why this nice teen ager decided to strangle her best friend, and then proceed to cut off her head. I think this girl felt left out of the action, and simply wanted to do what everyone else her age was doing– killing other people.

So, Japanese teenager, welcome to the Human Race!