Let’s End Food Stamps For Freedom

I decided to spend some time learning about American problems via the kindness of Fox News. I discovered the cause of our economic problems such as rising debt was due actions of lazy mooching Americans who prefer to take food from the federal government instead of getting a job picking up trash or working in a meat plant. Fox News carefully explained to me that people who do not work get government handouts that allow them to spend their days at baseball stadiums or wandering through malls spending my tax money. Believe it or not they get over $4 a day for free food! Do the American people understand that by giving these lazy bums all this money, our beloved job creators this Christmas will witness a reduction in pay of at least a few million dollars!

We have to save our beloved nation from the vultures who inhabit our fair land grabbing food off the tables of our hard working job creators. NO wonder these wonderful people are exhausted from the laborious task of feeding the poor rather than devoting their time to creating new jobs that pay over $7 an hour. We have to choose: a bit of hunger for lazy people which allows them to lose weight or preventing our job creators to create jobs!!