Let’s Fight About Nothing But Ice!

Humanity has a tremendous ability to uncover new places in which to argue over who is right or wrong and what belongs to who or whom. China and India are prepared to engage in conflict over a mountainous area known as Arunachai Pradesh which is located on the northern boundary of India and China. Chinese troops are engaged in aggressive patrolling which has included entering the territory of India. Last week in New Dehli, Chinese and Indian diplomats discussed a piece of land which has absolutely no economic value to anyone, but when it comes to prestige and not backing down, we humans are ready to kill one another over nothing. The dispute comes after publication of an article in a Chinese magazine which urged the government to encourage civil strife in India in order to have that nation become divided into 30 independent states.

Google satellite maps are now showing the disputed area being portrayed as part of China. OK, what can we argue about tomorrow? How about a mountain in the Himalayas and who has the right to place its flag on top of it. Do you ever get the feeling if we humans actually enjoyed a single day of peace, there would be a million heart attacks among members of the military in nations throughout the world?

How about giving ownership of the territory to the famous Snowman of the Himalayas?