Let’s Fight Domestic Terrorism!

There is good news for decent, hard working, going to church Americans. We can now sleep soundly in our beds because our government is going to fight the forces of domestic terrorism. Representatives from the FBI, the Justice Department and Homeland Security are forming another task force whose task is wiping out domestic violence. This new effort arose because three people were murdered at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, and the fall out from deaths in the Boston Marathon. The death of any American due to violence is terrible and any government should work to end such deaths. The problem with creating still another group is to foster the myth that domestic violence is a great problem.

It is doubtful if more than fifty people get killed or wounded due to acts by terror groups in this country. There are more than enough existing agencies to handle this problem. Of course, the NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM IS BY THOSE WHO HAVE GUNS AND KILL PEOPLE. If anyone is serious, how about ending unlimited possession of guns that DO kill people. The major source of Domestic Violence is from those with guns. Period!