Let’s Figure Out How To Kill The President!

“OK, class, let’s get to order. Today‘s lesson deals with learning basic ideas about geometry, but I intend to demonstrate that geometry is part of your everyday life. Should we learn the geometry of this classroom? Naw, that would be boring. Should we learn how one uses geometry in their everyday life? Heck no, who cares when or how geometry is employed in shopping or when in a diner. We need to make this a practical life example, one that anyone in this class could or should use while engaged in normal life activities. I know, what if your dad or mom belonged to the Tea Party which wants to get rid of President Obama? I’m certain you have heard them say on numerous occasions that it would be great to eliminate this man from Africa and restore America to its rightful owners–we people.

I got it, how about examining the angles that a sniper would use if he wanted to shoot the president! Now, that is practical, hands-on learning about a topic I trust all in this class will one day get involved in performing. Get out your notebooks, and let’s plot out every conceivable angle that a sniper could use in shooting the man from Africa!!”

Corner High School teacher, Gregory harrison has been placed on paid administrative leave for using a hypothetical assassination of President Obama in order to teach basic geometric angles. According to Joseph Brown, a student in the class, Harrison said, “if you’re in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president.”

And, some people complain that school is not teaching relevant things to kids!