Let’s Fly To Ensure No Fly

The people of Libya are fighting to establish a democratic society, and the outside world has responded with interest and vocal support. The United States, most probably, is still reeling from the disaster of Iraq when George Bush made an historic blunder by invading the country for all the wrong reasons. Bush also bungled the situation in Afghanistan by refusing to develop that nation’s economy and work more closely with Afghans in assisting creation of a stable, honest government. That was then, this is now!

The use of American and NATO fighter planes over Libyan skies will NOT result in any significant casualties. There is no need to bomb anyone and cause death of civilians. It is simple-inform Gaddafi that none of his planes will be allowed to fly on missions that entail attacks on the people of Libya. It is doubtful if Libyan pilots have the skills or planes to compete against experienced American pilots who have been flying for the past several years in combat zones.

Send in the planes and send out the clown known as Gaddafi!