Let’s Get Hagel!!

Former Senator Chuck Hagel spent his youth in the jungles of Vietam fighting an enemy that  the US government termed a threat to our security. Little did this sergeant understand how and why US leaders misled those who fought by raising the spectre of communism. Senator Chuck Hagel raised legitimate questions concerning the famous Bush “surge” in terms of cost to those fighting. Actually, the “success” of this operation stemmed more from Awakening Councils formed by Sunnis who were upset at al-Qaeda as it did to actions of the US military. Senator Hagel argued for discussions with  Iran prior to any military action, an idea supported by every head of Israel’s Mossad.

Republicans are determined to smear the name of Hagel, to accuse him of  being anti-American and to crucify a man whose first concern is the American fighting man and woman, not what is popular with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.