Let’s Get High In Colorado

The state of Colorado not only nests in the Rocky Mountains, but these days is the place to visit if one seeks to experience a high drama in life. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law two bills that make his state the first place in the world to fully regulate use of marijuana for adults. People can actually use marijuana in order to enjoy life and not only experience being in a high location, but feeling high and happy. Of course, since marijuana is now legal in Colorado, drug lords will head in other directions where idiots prefer spending their money getting rid of drugs rather than gathering money for use in education or building roads or doing something useful.

It is time for President Obama to cease wasting money on denying drugs to those seeking to get high, and raise money for the new infrastructure that must be built in the coming years. Disband anti-drug folk and replace them with young Americans who agree to work for social justice and helping the elderly and homeless rather than using money to build another jail.