Let’s Get The Cops!

All too often Americans believe there is such a thing as “the Muslim religion.” It is equivalent to claiming there is “a Christian religion” to which all who claim to be a “Christian” belong. Tell that to Catholics or Protestants or to the endless small Christian sects who believe God is on THEIR side. I once visited a small town in southern Missouri which had 1500 people and sixteen Christian churches. Turkey and its Muslim population are no different than any group of Christians. They are split into sects and groups. Syria has the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Alawites and a few other groups. Turkey has fundamentalists, secular Muslims and a sect known as the followers of Fetullah Gulen. He is now charged by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan with being part of a plot to destroy his Justice and Development party, (AKP). Erdogan claims that Gullen followers in the police force and judiciary are behind recent investigations into his government which forced two of his ministers to resign and several members of the AKP to quit the party in disgust at the corruption that has now become apparent.

So, yesterday, 600 police officers in Ankara were reassigned to other positions such as directing traffic. Many were engaged in the investigation of terrorism or financial crime or smuggling, etc.. crimes that led to the arrest of two sons of his Cabinet ministers. Naturally, Erdogan charges a “plot.” Naturally, somehow, the plot was organized by the Israel Mossad. Plots abound when they catch you with a hand in the cash register.