Let’s Get Them Mooselims!!

A week ago two young dark skinned men went berserk and killed a British soldier using knives and a meat cleaver. This aroused the anger of some people in merry olde England who believe that God in His infinite wisdom had bequeathed the island to those with white skins. The English Defense League which is committed to defend their country against those with dark skins is organizing marches and demonstrations to protest the presence of such aliens in their fair land. I assume members  of the EDL would prefer if England had millions of white skinned people who pledged allegiance to white skinned Adolf Hitler.

Some groups like Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are organizing anti -demonstrations. This conflict merely illustrates how one incident or a few incidents can arouse hate that lies dormant in the hearts of millions. They so quickly forget that it was white skinned, Anglo Saxons who killed, not A soldier, but hundreds of thousands of British soldiers. Blame it on the Mooselims rather than blaming it on ourselves.