Let’s Go To Jail In Egypt

There is a great deal of shooting in the land of Egypt, but there is also a great number of people being sent to jails. Mohammed Badie, head of the Muslim Brotherhood is currently spending time at the Torah prison which already has a prisoner named Hosni Mubarak and the other former president Mohamed Morsi. One can only assume the Egyptian miilitary would like to gather together prisoners of all varieties and shapes in order to centralize the government in one prison. Nobellaueate Mohamed ElBaradi who last month was part of the coup government has now been arrested for resigning from the government. The charge is that by resigning it was an insult to the current government. In other words if one is not supportive of the coup government then one is a traitor who should be sent to the Torah prison.

I am rather concerned that the name of the prison many are now sleeping in is called the “Torah prison.” Is this further proof that Israel and the international Jewish conspiracy is behind the coup. Why is the name of this jail, “Torah?” I wonder if there is any place in it for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since the Egyptians are cracking down on funamentalists could they free up some room for Jewish fundamentalists?? Perhaps if we get all the fundamentalists together in one prison they can figure out a way to solve conflicts between fundamentalists of the Middle East and peace and prosperity will reign.