Let’s Hate Those Who Hate!

There is one constant factor in the conflict between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians, and that is the ongoing presence of hatred. Each side seeks to prove the other is in possession of hateful feelings and there is need to make doubly certain the world knows who is the good guy and who is the bad one. A new ad is appearing on buses in the Washington D.C. area that intend to prove any and all people of the Muslim faith are the bad guys. Sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Institute) is informs the world: “Islamic Jew Hatred. It’s in the Quran. Two thirds of all US aid goes to Islamic countries. Stop racism. End all aid to Islamic countries.” Of course, there is a photo of Adolf Hitler with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who worked with Nazis during World War II.

If we intend to cite the Quran for hatred, what do we do with the Bible which is loaded with hatred for this or that group in the Middle East? The Bible is a story of violence compounded upon violence. God is either wiping out humans or humans are wiping out humans. Is their anti-Semitism in Middle Eastern countries? Absolutely. Is there anti-Muslim feeling in Israel? Absolutely. Is the solution-I can top you in the hatred game?Absolutely,not.