Let’s Have A Chat

During my youth in the 1930s it was still common in many rural areas of America for people to have a phone line which allowed others to sometimes cut into the conversation. People laughed when that occurred since it was a neighbor who inadvertently got on the wrong line. Fast forward to 2013. Today, it is not a neighbor on your line, but the government of the United States of America. General Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency(NSA) told members of Congress there were secret pilot programs to monitor the precise location of Americans through their cellphones. He argued that some day this would be a “future requirement for the country” The Director argued it was just a few pilot programs and not used for any intelligence analysis purposes. Last week he sort of evaded questions whether the NSA collected information from cellphone towers.

Data, data, and we do not mean Data on the space ship Enterprise. They need our data. I sometimes lie in my bed at nigtht feeling good knowing that my data is wiping out terrorism.