Let’s Have A Referendum!

The situation in eastern Ukraine is not much different today. Fights between government forces and separatists continue. The problem with this entire conflict is that no one has any idea how many people in eastern Ukraine seek to separate. Of course, no one has the faintest idea as to what is the question to pose concerning something about separating and then the next question is who should provide an answer? The so-called “separatists” in places like Donetsk insist they represent “the people.” They want a referendum as to whether or not eastern Ukraine should separate. Heck, out in western areas of the United States bands of gun toting nut cases are demanding the right to take over Federal land. Should these bands be allowed to “vote” for secession?

This is not the time nor the place for referendums and votes. The initial step is to establish law and order in the Ukraine. The next step is to offer people in eastern regions choices regarding local rights. Everyone in this region should vote-freely. The counting of votes should be in the hands of a European group that is not connected to either the Ukraine government or separatists. Or, a new government could be established drawing upon the American model of rights to the central government and rights to states.