Let’s Have A Swap Shop

Finally, hopefully, there is a glimmer of hope concerning the possibility of a compromise between Israel and Palestinians. Tzipi Livni, Israel’s main negotiator with Palestinians, indicated Arabs have made an “important concession” which could lead to peaced with Palestinians. The Arab League indicated that while it continues supporting the 1967 peace lines, it is open to a “comparable and mutual agreed minor swap of land.” In other words, Israel settlers could retain control of land on the West Bank and Israel would compensate Palestinians with other land. Livni said “this is very good news. I welcome it.”

The easy part is getting Livni and the Israel government to agree on land swaps. The hard part is persuading militant Israelis and militants Palestinians that peace is preferable to standing firmly in place. The Arab League has agreed to recognize the state of Israel and establish diplomatic relations. Now, how does one persuade West Bank settlers who believe they are obeying God by refusing to compromise to compromise??