Let’s ‘ Help Clayton, Missouri Children

Not too far from the violence in Ferguson, Missouri lies the city of Clayton, Missouri which is among the most wealthy suburban areas in America. Clayton lies next to Washington University and its marvelous medical facilities so if one gets ill, wonderful doctors are on the way. Hungry? The average income in Clayton is about $80,000 a year. So, how come Clayton is not enjoying a few nights of violence and looting? Why have Clayton teenagers been deprived of the joy of running through the streets shouting curses and grabbing whatever they desire from local stores? There is something very discriminatory in refusing to allow upper middle class kids the right to riot and loot!

America needs an Equal Opportunity Law that provides each and every wealthy kid the right to have a Riot Opportunity at least once a year. Why can poor kids riot and yell and demand their riots, but wealthy children, instead of enjoying some healthy physical opportunities are stuck in their room studying for an exam? After all, during the 1960s children of wealth could march, and shout, and demand rights. It is time to insist that modern middle and wealthy kids got time off from studying to engage in vigorous physical activities.

No more books, no more teacher dirty looks, let me book a place in the riot crowd!