Let’s Indict Ron Paul!

I recently encountered on my Facebook comments from Ron Paul supporters who want to impeach President Barack Obama for sending aid to Libyan rebels. Ironically, some Ron Paul supporters have the mistaken view that Thomas Jefferson was not for a strong national government and cite him as someone they respect. I hate to tell Ron Paul or his supporters but the first president in our history who sent men to war without a declaration of war was Thomas Jefferson. It gets worse. He sent naval and marine detachments to crush the Barbary pirates and guess where US soldiers landed–LIBYA!

Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush sent troops into combat without a declaration of war. Black skinned Barack Obama sends aid to Libya, no Americans die, white skinned George Bush sends 5,000 to their deaths and 35,000 wounded. So, who do Ron  Paul supporters want to indict? BLACK SKINNED OBAMA!!

Ron Paul admits his newsletter printed anti-Jewish articles, his son, Senator Rand Paul says he would have voted against the Civil Rights act of 1965 which gave equal rights to women and black Americans.