Let’s Insult A Woman Today!

The one certainty in life is that someone on Fox News today will make an insulting remark about someone out there who has the audacity to disagree with Republican ideas. Fox News foul mouth Monica Crowley-one of the empty brained blond haired “analyst”type speakers who read words all by themselves, came out with a negative remark concerning Sandra Fluke. Ms. Fluke made the mistake of openly fighting for women rights and we all that means she is either–a lesbian, a transgender person, a SOCIALIST, or  as Rush points out, “a slut” and a “prostitute.”

Ms.Fluke has a long term boy friend and she announced her engagement. Ms. Crowley could not avoid tweeting, “to a man?” After people expressed displeasure at the nastiness of the comment, Monica adopted the Fox News victim stance. “I love exposing the left’s total lack of a sense of humor.” However, she also admitted it was a “straightforward question.”

How come Monica never tweets nasty questions about her boss, Rupert Murdoch? I guess Republicans lack a sense of humor.