Let’s Jaw Jaw And End War War!

Finally, after thirty years of silence between the United States and leaders of Iran the time has come to sit down and engage in discussions and negotiation. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has been instructed by his government to discuss the issue of atomic energy with foreign policy leaders from the Security Council. He will be talking with US Secretary of State John Kerry in an effort to end threats and warnings and talk of bombing Iran. The people of Iran want a return to normaly and this begins with negotiations whose goal is developing a process which allows Iran to pursue atomic energy without pursuing atomic weapons. The Iranian economy is in a shambles and Iranians want a new birth of openess in their society.

Hopefully, in the process of discussing this topic, the issue of Syria can also be discussed. Hopefully, there is a possibility of uncovering a cease fire in the process of death and disaster. Ironically, the only nation in the Middle East which refuses to open up its atomic facilities is ISRAEL!