Let’s Keep Out People Who Want To Be Here!

Kutna Hora, chairman of the Czech Social Democratic party, in a visit to a local employment office came out strongly against allowing people to come to his country who wanted to learn the language and become productive members of society. “It is not appropriate to employ people from other cultures as they would then remain in the country. They would learn the Czech language, have children here and this would result in an ethnic problem.” Gee, the United States has been doing that for a few hundred years and the result is disastrous. These damn foreigners come here, learn the language, have children, create new industries, provide jobs for millions and create all sorts of problems such as increasing the wealth of the nation.

American art, music, literature, science, etc.. includes a high percent of people born elsewhere or their children who were born in the USA. Yes, they did learn the language, yes, they did absorb the culture, yes, they did remain here. Isn’t it strange when foreigners refuse to learn the language or the culture, these same idiotic politicians rant and rave?