Let’s Kill Shiites Today

I am quite aware that Catholics and Protestants killed one another for hundreds of years so the concept of murdering those of another religion is not unusual. I am quite aware that Christian Nazi Germany murdered six millioin Jews during World War II. So, the murder of innocent Muslims is not a shocking event in human history. But, religious wars go on and on and on in Muslim societies. One is left wondering what it would take to  end this senseless slaughter of the innocent.

A convoy of buses was driving along a road in Pakistan. Eight men dressed in army uniforms halted the buses. The “soldiers” boarded the buses, and forced 16 Shiites to leave. They were taken outside and murdered because they were Shiites and the killers were Sunni. The killers belong to the Jandullah faction of the Pakistan al-Qaida. I often wonder how these killers think. Do you?