Let’s Make Kevin Extinct!

Kevin McCarthy is a Republican congressman. Kevin McCarthy is the third ranking Republican in his role as House Majority Whip. His district is in the Central Valley of California and Bakersfield is the main city. Thousands of people in cars and buses descended on the office of our fighting Whip to demand that he support the reform of immigration bill that was passed by the Senate.Many shouted to the Republican leader, “Kevin, if you don’t support immigration reform, you will be extinct.” Kevin is a man of principle. “I have long said that our immigration system is broken, but rather than take up the Senate bill, the House will move on a step by step approach that first secures the border.”

I continually hear Republican congressional leaders mention they want our border secure. Under the Obama administration, more illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than George Bush did during his either years in office. Congressman McCarthy says that he has “long” argued for a secure border. I have not been able to uncover a single statement or proposed bill he urged while George Bush was in office. I assume the word, “long” means that once a Democrat became president he discovered the US actually had a border with Mexico.

OH, recent figures indicate there are as many people from Mexican heritage heading back home as those seeking to enter the US. In other words, the border is secure. Oh well, why not spend $30 billion on a wall that is not needed.