Let’s Not Be Gay In Russia

Russia not only has morality police it has guardians of who we can be or not be.  Fortunately, police have some aid in the form of the People’s Council. It turns out that Pepsi Cola sells  dairy products in Russia which have the label, “Vesyoly Molochnik” or in English, “happy milkman.” Are you upset? Well, Anatoly Artyuch is very upset. Behind the man selling these products is a rainbow. I assume you lack awareness as to the meaning of a rainbow. But, Anatoly wants the world to know this rainbow is “the global symbol of the sodomite movement!”

The People’s Council wants to help morality police by ending the menace posed by gays and lesbians and milkmen. In St. Petersburg a new law makes criminal anything that promotes sodomy, lesbianism,  bisexuality and whatever.

I am running home to drink a glass of milk and become a gay person!