Let’s Not Play Ball?

I am an avid sports fan and devote hours of my day watching athletic events. However, I must confess that world fascination with what they term to be “football,” and I term to be, “soccer” just do not connect. I find their version of football is rather boring. But, the world does not agree with me and the upcoming World Cup fills the hearts of people with joy and excitement. For some strange reason the upcoming World Cup will take place in Rio de Janeiro and its inhabitants do not seem to be jumping for joy at the prospect. At this moment there are twelve major strikes impacting the nation, thousands are in the streets demonstrating against the games and they are being charged with criminal actions.

The main issue is cost. Billions upon billions have been spent to create the infrastructure of stadiums, subways, buses, roads, and during this process, thousands of people have been driven from their homes. Money for schools is being directed towards money for goal posts. Also, among the minor problems is lack of hotel space and tourists are being directed to private homes. OH, another minor problem is the high rate of robbery and crime in Rio.

Perhaps, there are times not to play ball– at least in my country. I have a hunch, this is one of those times.