Let’s Pester The President

I would like you to imagine that it is 1944 and President Franklin Roosevelt is called away from the White House because some jerk went to court and demanded evidence that FDR was not a  secret member of the Nazi party. Naturally, there would be some nut judge in the South who would demand the president cease working on winning the war and come to his court to prove that he was not a secret Nazi. Georgia Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi, wants President Barack Obama to appear in his court and offer evidence that he was born in America because a bigger nut case insists the president is not a natural born American and thus cannot be president.

Malihi insists he can demand that a president must accept his subpoena and appear in court. How about:

I demand that Michelle Bachmann produce proof that she has an IQ of at least 50.

I  demand that Mitt Romney produce proof that he does not have eight wives since he is a good Mormon.

I demand that Herman Cain produce proof that he formerly was not a con man selling Rolex watches on Broadway.