Let’s Play At Racism

Members of the Republican party have finally proved it has as member, men and women who actually know the name of foreign parts of the world. Of course, they are somewhat confused thinking that Pakistan or Bangladesh are really located in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Mayor Booker of the city of Newark is in possession of black skin which means that is not a real “American” nor are those with a similar skin covering. The staff of his Republican opponent, Steve Lonegan published a new map of Newark which labeled its various sections with names such as: “West Africa,””Guyana,” “Portugal;,” “Brazil” or “Middle East,” “Afghanistan,” “Pakistan,” “Bangladesh” and “Trinidad.” OK, some interesting names which include part of Europe, the Middle East” and areas in Asia as well as the West Indies.” So, there is a point being made.

I am a bit confused.About 52% of people in the city of Newark are African American. Two of the names are from Africa and the remainder from all over the world. Was the point that Mayor Booker is of African descent or was it that he was a man of the world? I get lost.