Let’s Pretend Being Friends

Nelson Mandela died and thus allowed a few moments of peace and tranquility to exist in the world. At his funeral, President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro smiled at one another and shook hands.Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff who is still furious at American snooping into her private affairs actually greeted the American president who is still coninvced that spying in behaf of freedom is justified because Americans only spy for peace. Among the few people hated in the world, thug leader Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was unable to get many hugs from leaders of the world. We wonder how they would have handled Adolf Hitler at this get together.

We assume Fox News highlight of the century will be the handshake with Castro. It is bad enough an American president hailed a former Communist and murderer such as Mandela. Things are looking bleak for Fox News when even Ted Cruz is saying nice things about commies!