Let’s Privatize War!

The Jardine Lloyd Thompson firm has come up with an interesting new idea on how to conduct war against Muslim radical elements such as pirates which operate off the coast of Somalia–privatize the entire operation. A group of shipping firms and insurance companies are tired of paying out $4 million for each ship taken by the Somalia pirates so they are creating their own navy. “We are looking at setting up a private nay to escort vessels.” In theory, the private navy would be subject to military oversight but it would be composed of men hired for this operation. This opens the door to some new thinking. The Tea Party is convinced the Federal government can never do anything right. Why not simply privatize the entire US military operation to a group of free enterprise companies which will be able to deliver the same service at lower costs and never have to worry about bureaucrats getting in the way. This ends forever worry about some guy who is president of the United States. It means our beloved nation will no longer be run by some guy who was born in a gorilla camp in Kenya, but will be led by true blooded honest God-fearing(Christian God fearing) men and women.

I say, up with private armies, private air forces, or-why not just turn the nation over to military leaders–provided they submit their birth certificates that prove they were born in the good old USA!