Let’s Remember Al Qaeda

As I recall back in 2001 when then President George Bush and the REPUBLICAN PARTY promised the American people to crush evil Muslims, particularly the Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda, right wing groups such as Fox News cheered at the prospect of finally having America led by those who understood the power of our military to crush any and all opposition. As I recall, after President George Bush unleashed his famous “surge”led by the great General David Petraeus,all evil Muslim groups had been crushed and peace and prosperity had returned to Iraq.No longer would people fear being attacked by al-Qaeda. Remember those informative stories from Fox News how George Bush had recovered from some early mistakes and now had ended the reign of “terrorists?” Of course, that was then and now is now.

During the past several days US embassies all over the Middle East have been on lock down due to fear al-Qaeda might strike. American officials are “evaluating” possibilities of terrorist action against US facilities. I have some suggestions:

1. Recall to duty the great General David Petraeus who can once again with the aid of a “surge” destroy al-Qaeda.

2. Bring back George Bush to finally have a leader who knows how to end terrorism.

3. Turn over leadership of the fight to destroy al-Qaeda to experts from Fox News!