Let’s Secede From Obama Land

People in twenty states are petitioning to secede from the United States of America because their beloved country has been taken over by radical Muslim Communists who seek to impose their Godless ways upon decent, hard working Christians. In light of the deep sincerity and Christian values of these people, the remainder of America should grant their wish. Why force people to live in Obama land which compels people to live by forcing upon them health insurance?

How about setting aside land in each state where true believers can live in peace? I know a nice area in Brooklyn which would afford them safety from Obama storm troopers. There are some nice sections along the border with Mexico where they can swap stories with some drug people about the evil government.

Oh, I trust you schmucks understand collecting garbage is now your responsibility. Of course, when it comes to garbage and hot air who can surpass these folk? Bring along some fire extinguishers.