Let’s Spy In Your Home!

The government of Brazil is upset because the American National Security Agency had a spy program aimed at the Catholic government of Brazil in order to crush Muslim terrorists in the Middle East. According to the nortorious Muslim terrorist, one Edward Snowden, American spy folk intercepted telephone and emails of the president of Brazil, Dilman Rousseff in order to end terrorism in violent Muslim nations. I do not understand why President Rousseff is upset, the American sppoks also intercepted messages destined for Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. American spies are equal opportunity spooks, they do not discriminate against any nation due to their relgion or the color of skin of its inhabitants. Brazilian Senator Ricardo Ferraco, for some reason is upset. “I feel a mixture of amazement and indignation. It seems like there are no limits. When the phone of the president of the republic is monitored, it’s hard to imagine what else might be happening.”

Wait a second, sir. Just remember that American spies spy on all. They know what President Obama says and does each day. Do you actually beleive American spies would deny the president of the United States of America the same opportunity tobe spied on? I think Brazilians should cease complaining. They should feel complimented that there president is also being spied on. The people who should be unhappy are those NOT being spied on! Where the hell did these Brazilians get the idea that America can not spy on their leaders?? I think this conclusively proves that President Rosseff is a secret TERRORIST!