Let’s Spy On Ourselves

I do enjoy a fantasy which entails being able to observe President Obama, the former professor of constitutional law, having a discussion with members of his staff concerning issues related to the right of privacy that Americans enjoy. A new report by the Brennan Center for Justice reveals there is chaos in the process of sharing, or not sharing, information between various agecies of the government that might, somehow, pertain to spies and secrets. The report notes, “this poorly organized system not only wastes time and resources, it also risks masking reliable intelligence that could be useful.” A system that provides access to “secret intelligence” by over one million people ensures there ae no secrets.

A key issue is what does or does not constitute “reasonable suspicion.” How do these “intelligence” agencies determne who or what is a “suspicious” person. Logically speaking, if one was a “terrorist,” then it is likely they would NOT do suspicious things.But, in the fantasy land of our “intelligence” experts, suspicious folk openly behave suspicious in order to call attention to themselves. Me thinks not. If you are a secret agent, keep it quiet should be your motto.