Let’s Start A War

There are members  of Congress who feel the need for our military forces to be prepared for any possible assault upon the American people. Lindsay Graham and others blasted Chuck Hagel for not being tough  enough on Iran and fearing to bomb the hell out of them.  I have uncovered a war that would please right wing Republicans because it is a certain victory for America’s armed forces. In addition, it enables America to take the side of an Asian nation and get browny points with Muslims.

Jamalul Kiram Ill, Sultan of Sulu, decided to invade the province of Sabah which, in theory is under the jurisdiction of Malaysia. The intruders only number about 100 and are armed with some rifles and pistols. This is a perfect enemy for the American armed forces. We drive out the Sultan, Malaysia is our friend, and the Philippines is also grateful. This would mark the end of nation building, the end of American deaths in combat, and we have a nice little war for all Republicans to enjoy.