Let’s Stop Fighting?

Nations of the world are gathering in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum in which those who lead countries sit around talking, eating and boasting as to how their nations are doing just great. The jet carrying Iranian President Mohammed Rouhani was directed to a specific parking slot at the Zurich airport. A few minutes later another jet taxied right next to it. This jet contained Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Both leaders hopped into helicopters and headed for Davos, heck good food and drink was waiting for them. Staff on both planes decided to send greetings to the other plane. “How are you” was shouted and received back a “Fine, how are you” comment.

There are no reports of the sky collapsing on anyone. There are no reports of armed terrorists setting off bombs. There are no reports of anyone getting killed. Just imagine, two nations in conflict can have a private moment in peace and friendship without collapse of the world!!