Let’s Sue The President

It was Tuesday, House Speaker was in the United States of America, no legislation had been passed that day, then again, not many bills have become law under the leadership of John Boehner. So, what to do today in order to ensure Fox News has something to rant about? I got it, thought John. How about instituting a law suit against President Obama? Gee, the cute pert blond haired bozos who masquerade as newscasters would have something to ramble on about. Oops, I better make certain they now what is involved in suing the president. Now, what the hell do I sue him about? Hmm..

1. I could sue him for insisting the Affordable Care Act is legal.

2. I could sue him for not personally supervising our border with Mexico.

3. I got it, I will sue him for “not faithfully executing the laws of our country.”

It’s his word against mine!