Let’s Sue USA

The Iranian Parliament passed bill that would organize a study of a possible lawsuit against the government of the United States of America. In August, 1953, the CIA led by its man in Iran, Kermit Roosevelt, organized the overthrow of Iran’s government, then led by Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. Actually, Roosevelt worked with the British M16 in the plot to get rid of Mossadegh because he had this strange idea his nation was entitled to decent royalty payments from foreign oil companies. The end of Mossadegh ended a secular democratically elected government for Iran and brought back Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Last week the CIA admitted to this overthrow but naturally blamed fear of “Communism” to justify changing the government of another nation.

Perhaps, it is time for a foreign government to plan the overthrow of Republicans in Congress and replace them with people who actually are concerned about this nation and its problems. Imagine, a House of Representatives which voted on other issues other than repealing the Affordable Health Care Act!!