Let’s Take Out Cartoonists

An imaginary conversation that took recently took place in Sweden:

Hamid; I try so hard to sleep, but each night all I can see in my mind are those cartoons about the Prophet.

Mahmad: I know, the cartoons, the cartoons. How could I die with the knowledge those who drew the cartoons are still alive.

Faisal: Did you hear about what happened in Iran? Clerics beaten, and those who oppose President Ahmadinejad thrown in jail where they are beaten and females raped!

H: Oh that, but how could you compare those trivial actions to drawing cartoons!

M: Yes, I am a true Muslim and before I die those who drew the cartoons must die.

F: But, what about in Sudan where the janjaweed are killing dark skinned Muslims and raping their women?

H: Oh that. Faisal, think about it. Which is more important to God– Muslim women being raped or publication of cartoons that mock the Prophet?

F: But, in Egypt, the Government has banned the Muslim Brotherhood and brutalizes those who oppose the regime.

M: Oh that, I just don’t understand you, Faisal. You worry about Muslims being killed by Muslims. What does that have to do with publishing cartoons that insult the Prophet?

F: But, we are Muslims. We must be concerned about Muslims as well as when Christians are killed.

H: Faisal, Faisal, you are a Muslim, not an infidel. Our first duty in life is to become upset at cartoons. Haven’t you read the Quran?

F: So, Muslims being raped, brutalized or killed is not of primary importance, is that it?

H: Finally, my dear friend, Faisal, you get the point. Cartoons, cartoons, they are the enemy!!