Let’s Talk With With The Devil

All wars go on and on until at some point either side or both sides agree to sit down and engage in some form of dialogue. American officials in Qatar have reached an agreement with Taliban officials to have discussions without prior agreements about anything. Initially, there will be a “peace and reconciliation” discussions to be followed with long range talks between the Taliban and members of the Afghan government. The US no longer demands the Taliban denounce a-Qaida as a first step on the road to peace. As one senior US official noted, “we have long said this conflict won’t be won on the  battlefield.”

I wonder if anyone checked with John McCain or Fox News. It would be important to receive support from Sarah Palin,  our most prominent authority on Middle Eastern affairs. Some days she just gazes out her front window and reviews events in Iraq. At least the Taliban is ready to “jaw, jaw”in stead of
“war, war.”