Letters From Strauss-Kahn

This intrepid reporter continues revealing his access to secret letter sent by former IMF head, Dominique Strauss Kahn to fellow French intellectuals.

Dear Bertrand

By, now my friends in Paris have learned of attempts by the New York City prosecutor to continue his vendetta against a citizen of France who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The accusations against me lack any semblance to truth, at least truth that is known to any Frenchman–or Frenchwoman. Let me explain the situation:

1. My friends know very well that I possess a strong sex drive and the sight of women, all too frequently, arouses the bottom part of my body and all too often, the penis takes control of the mind. I admit it. I am a Frenchman! Yes, I did have sexual intercourse with this woman of the tropics. Yes, she went wild with delight at my entry into her body. Mon dieu, is this truly a crime to give a woman sexual delight!

2. The American district attorney claim I fled from the scene. I was running behind on a lunch engagement with my wonderful daughter, Camille. Would a rapist have lunch with his daughter? Would he share humor and love with a loved one so soon after this alleged “rape?”
This makes no sense.

3. I phoned which allowed any police detail to have an actual record of where I was and where I was going. Hardly, the action of a rapist fleeing the scene of the crime!

4. This woman from Guinea is 32 and physically strong, I am a man in his sixties. Could anyone explain how this powerful woman was physically overcome by and old man without leaving some physical evidence behind?

5. I have investigators who are currently checking into the background of this woman. Frankly, she recognized me as someone important and made up this crazy story in order to blackmail me into paying up.

My friends, this is simply the American way of insulting the people of France. It is simply the American way of dehumanizing those of the Jewish faith. Even as I write, a Jewish congressman from New York is being attacked for sending pictures of himself which display his bre chest and penis!