Liberals Claim Global Warming!

Them libeals and communists are at it again claiming there is something called ‘global warming.” They want to take away our constitutional right to drill, baby, drill for oil and use coal and other such nice things. Some climate guy(I suspect he is a secret Muslim terrorist) named Walt Meier claims the ice is melting all over the world. He makes this outrageous statement that during the past six years ice is melting and “it is an indication that the  Artic sea cover is fundamentally changing.”

God gave us this world about 12,000 years ago. I never heard God say anything about global warming. Heck, it is the summer, of course ice melts. Obama and liberals want to stop drilling for oil, they want us to fire thousands of coal miners. It is all part of the Muslim Barack Obama plan to have Muslims take over America by making us afraid to produce anything.

I checked with Mitt. Mitt promises to drill, to forget things like global warming and to bring back jobs. Anyone who wants a job in a coal mine, simply send us your name.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    glow baal warming? don’t be so silly, when G-D gets angry at this whole world, for all following the serpent again. of course it is going to heat up, here on earth. and it is also the cause, of cancer plagues. all pestilence plague, and famine is commanded by G-D, for all you idolitors following the not here in TheTorah beast again.