Liberals United For Hate Groups!

Facebook and Microsoft, two organizations which allegedly believe in freedom and human rights, have now been revealed to be supporters of right wing extremists groups that reject the concept of human rigthts or global warming. The Center for Media and Democracy the State Policy Network(SPN) is an umbrella group of 64 “thinktanks” which are located in every state of the nation whose task in life is to support the ideas of every crackpot idea in the world. Among the goals of these “thinktank” theorists are: reduce taxes for the wealthy, oppose climate change, lower minimum wages, restrict voting rights, and you can figure out the remainder of a “conservative’ in modern day America. Just imagine that Facebook is now a collaborator with the Koch Brothers!

Microsoft issued a ridiculous statement claiming that it encourges supporting groups that are discussing challenges posed to the world of technology. Exactly how does that relate to denying the right of poor people, Hispanics and blacks to vote? Just another example of how corporate America places its self interests before those of working Americans struggling to lead a decent life in a society dominated by the wealthy!