Liberated Today, Chaos Tomorrow?

The people of Libya are enjoying the wine of victory, but tomorrow might result in a hangover when it comes down to confronting issues of government and power. Banners in the street proclaim: “No Foreign Intervention-Libyans Can Do It Alone!” Powerful words from those at this moment feeling empowered with the fruits of victory. The bodies of Muammar Gaddafi and his son lay displayed for the world to see and reports indicate the former dictator was sodomized with a knife before death.

In death Gaddafi sent words of defiance and told the world his death will be viewed as a “badge of duty and honor.” Forty years from now he might well be resurrected as a hero and patriot- Russian dictator Joseph Stalin is now, for some, a saint despite killing millions.

But, the central question is-who is in charge of the nation? Muslim clerics or secular forces?