Liberty, Fraternity, And Inequality In France!

There are an estimated 1,500,00 Muslim women living in France and of them an estimated 2,000 wear a burka or niqab. The presence of these 2,000 women undoubtedly offers a serious threat to the continuation of French culture. After all, begin with 2,000 veiled women and there is no end as to how many millions of other French women will join the parade of those covering their faces. Francois Cope, a key figure in President Sarkozy’s Union Pour Mouvement Populaire, is introducing a bill which would make it a crime for anyone to appear in public “with their face entirely masked” and the only exceptions would be on carnival type days when it apparently is OK to cover faces. If a woman wears the burka or niqab she faces a fine of up to $1200 as would her husband or father if they forced the veil on her.

President Sarkozy now insists he would prefer a resolution which states wearing the burka or niqab is contrary to French traditions or to freedom for women. This is somewhat confusing because if women desired of their own free will to wear a niqab and are now forbidden it takes away their freedom, doesn’t it? Of course, there currently is a law on the books which makes it a crime to wear a mask in public.

Exactly how does this law relate to motorcycle freaks who wear helmets that cover their faces? Such laws violate the rights of women, men, and other humans.