Libya Dictator Down, Chaos Up!

It was only a few short months ago the world shouted with joy at the disposal of Muammar Gaddafi from power. A  hated dictator had been destroyed and the assumption was his decline would lead to…………? Since those heady days of euphoria when Gaddfi and his henchmen were defeated the people of Libya have not enjoyed a single day of peace and calm. In the wake of a hated dictator has arisen dozens of petty little tyrants all claiming the right to rule.

Militia from Tarhouna, once a Gaddafi stronghold, dashed on the runways of the Libya airport and announced they had taken over and would not allow planes to depart or arrive until theirX, the next day it is disgruntled militia from Y, but there is absolutely no central government which can impose peace. Me thinks, there are folk who long for the good old days of stability under Gadaffi.

Delicious peach of yesterday has become bruised and tasteless.